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Getting to the top – A personal view


 Lots of people have put forward their thoughts on the philosophy of management and practice, but here are the ones I, personally, best resonate with:

–       Life is full of ambiguity, so I manage by principle and values, not procedures

–       The marketplace and our customers dictate everything we should do

–       In recruitment, the candidate is king, and the candidate experience is everything

–       I’m a big believer in strong, competitive strategies and plans, teamwork, payoff for performance and ethical responsibility

–       I look for people who work to solve problems and help colleagues.  I steer away from staff who are closet politicians (small ‘p’)

–       I am heavily involved in strategy: the rest is yours to implement.  Just keep me informed in an informal way.

–       Don’t hide bad information – I hate surprises.

–       Don’t try to blow things by me.

–       Solve problems laterally; don’t keep bringing them up the line

–       Move fast.  If we make mistakes, let them be because we are too fast rather than too slow

–       Hierarchy means very little to me.  Let’s put together in meetings the people who can help solve a problem, regardless of position.  Reduce committees and meetings to a minimum.  No committee decision-making.  Let’s have lots of candid, straightforward communications

–       I don’t completely understand the technology.  I’ll need to learn it, but don’t expect me to master it.  So, you’ll have to translate for me from time to time

–       ‘Get the Moose on the Table’.  If we don’t talk about what the real, underlying issues are, we end up with gossip and politics.  So lets front it out, however uncomfortable and painful

–       Take responsibility – if something needs to be done, get on and do it

–       In order to be seen to be worthy of promotion, you should already be acting like you are at the next level

–       Loyalty and trust are everything to me.  If I can’t trust you, I can’t work with you

–       My reputation, and that of my organisation is everything, and I will do anything I can and have to in order to sustain and enhance it

–       In order to work with you, I have to respect and trust you.  I don’t have to like you, though it helps.  If, however, I respect, trust, like you  .. and we share common values, then miracles are possible.

Hamish Davidson is Chairman & Senior Partner of Davidson & Partners.  He is also Chairman of Entrepreneurs in Action, Iris Consulting and MJI Business Solutions.

M: 07932 698807



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